Our Process

Our process steps

basic step by step description of a typical wrap job, although every job is different.


Test your render.

Allowing us to make sure your render is capable of supporting an EWI installation. Should your render be strong enough, we will smoothen it in preparation for installation or completely remove it if required.


Removal or adjustment of pipes.

Your pipework is often removed from your home prior to installation.


Windows and doors protection.

During every EWI installation we add a protective film over your windows and doors to prevent any damage.


Starter track installation.

We install an aluminium start track which helps ensure the height of your insulation installation.

Insulation boards installation.

We attached insulation boards using adhesive which bonds between the board and your wall.  We often file off the edges of the boards to ensure its completely flat. 

Installation mechanical fixings.

This part of the process make sure your insulation boards are solid and rigid with no gaps in-between. 

Beading installation.

We make sure your external insulation is air right be corner beads and stops beads are soundly installed. 

Supporting mesh and render.

In some cases we can install fibreglass mesh in-between each layer of render to further strengthen your insulation.

Add some primer


If required, primer can help your final coat stick to the ewi boards and other layers of your external walls.

External Wrap Installation & Repairs for Domestic & Commercial Properties

What is external wall wrapping?    
External or ‘solid’ wall insulation is the most cost effective and comprehensive way of insulating your home against the Irish winter. 
Just like wrapping your house in a blanket, this type of insulation is fixed to the exterior of your house.




House Wrap Boards

Expanded polystyrene EPS insulation board is a high-performing thermal insulation at the centre of our external wall insulation systems. It significantly upgrades the thermal properties of a building, improving U-values, and reducing the risk of water penetration and condensation.


EPS has been designed specifically to be applied onto masonry or timber-backed walls using adhesive and mechanical fixings.


Wrapping your home

Once your exterior wall insulation is in place, it allows your walls to retain heat better, so when your heating is off, the walls continue to heat the home, resulting in a more even temperature and reducing the possibility of dampness coming through the walls.


This will help to reduce heating bills and improve your home's energy efficiency.


House Wrap Final Results

Wrapping also renews the outside of your home, improving appearance and, depending on the finish used, provides increased weather protection. Best of all, there’s minimal disruption to your daily life.


External wall insulation is available with a variety of finishes and colours, allowing you to improve the overall look of your home, Options are available to match your location and surrounding properties..



Dulux Weather Shield Color Finishes

Concrete Over Sills  


The FAST Ecobuild reinforced fibreglass concrete window sill simply retrofits on top of the existing sill to provide the necessary clearance for external wall insulation. Unlike competitor’s aluminium sill, the FAST GRC sill does not rattle or clang when struck by heavy rain or hail & can be finished with any masonry finish, paint or render. The fibreglass reinforcement makes the sill extremely robust & once bonded in place is it virtually indistinguishable from a conventional concrete window sill.

The FAST GRC window sill is ready to use & is resistant to adverse weather conditions. It is of high impact strength & maintenance free with no steel to corrode.



Sill Colors

Fast Granit is a ready-to-use product based on acrylic dispersion with the addition of natural granite or colored quartz or marble aggregates. It is characterized by increased resistance to atmospheric pollution, high durability, washability and impact resistance. It is vapor permeable and hydrophobic. Available in a wide range of color compositions according to three systems: FAST GRANIT MARMO, FAST GRANIT QUARZO, FAST GRANIT NATURA or FAST GRANIT MINI.

It can be used on any mineral substrate that is sufficiently strong and even (cement, cement-lime plasters, concrete, plasterboards, reinforced layer in the FAST insulation system).



When carrying out External wall insulation, it is obvious that any pipework and plumbing on the wall will probably have to be extended to accommodate the new insulation, which can be several inches thick. This is something we come across on every job and so we have to deal with many different scenarios on a daily basis.

DO YOU REPLACE GUTTERING? Guttering is not replaced as standard. If the works require the guttering to be altered, then we may replace part or all of the gutter as required, but we won’t be obligated to do this – it really will depend on the requirements of the job. You can of course request us to replace the guttering, and this is often asked by the customer because having the scaffold up makes this very easy and inexpensive. It might also be a good opportunity to look at the soffits and facia.

detailing pipes taps external wrap
detailing pipes taps external wrapdetailing pipes taps external wrap

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